Who we are?

Idara Alkhair is a non profitable private organization which has been working for the cause of education for last 30 years. Our mission is to spread the light of education in underprivileged areas of Pakistan.

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Our Stories

This is the story of a 15 year old teenager Yousuf. He is brought up in the slums and lives with his parents and 7 siblings. His father runs a shop while his mother collects garbage for a living. One may wonder that Yousuf’s bringing up he would be following his parent’s footstep. That’s where Yousuf is proving the world wrong.When everything seems to be going against his family, Yousuf is not found following the footsteps of his parents. He is found in class 7 at Idara Al Khair. He has figured out that with his education he will receive at Idara Al-Khair will destine him for greatness. He is not alone in this thinking along with his teachers, who also believe he has a bright future ahead of him.

The President of Al Khair, along with a few colleagues, was recently at the animal market (Bakra Mandi) and surprisingly he came across a child who studies at Idara Al-Khair. Upon inquiry, they came to know about his struggles they were truly amazed at this child’s capability to face his challenges head on. His struggles in his day to day life is simply astonishing. Like a typical super hero, he too lives a double life. By morning he is student and bythe afternoon a bread-earner for his family. After school he races home to support his family, going out selling samosas in his village. The president came across him as he was selling tea at the market. The child had realized an opportunity and grasped the chance to boost his sales, selling to the people that were around. It is astonishing to see a child trying out so many methods and using different ways to support his family, while having the determination to commit to his own education as well.

Raju, 12 year old boy, is the youngest of his 9 siblings. He shows good intuition and excels in class. However Raju is not satisfied by the time he gets to study. Apart from his household chores he has a commitment with his father – helping him pick valuable materials from the Kachra Kundi. Raju really loves to play cricket and is undoubtedly one of the best in our school.

Ensuring better life

A better life is a human right which is for everyone. We endeavor to help those who are deprived of basic facilities of life by giving away free ration, cloth and other stuff too. Not only physically but mentally we relieve them by counselling.

Education is the only way to enlighten the futures. We provide free education to those children who are not able to bear their educational expenses. Why? Because we believe that empowering these children will empower the nation.

The responsibility is not only to educate children but also teach them the rules of life and tell them the right path. We along with giving free education teach children some technical skills which can enhance their talent and bring out the best outcome.

Give us a vist

Want to see how we operate? Give us a visit at our campuses and we will show you that helping us would grant you a pleasure to be a part of a great cause of educating every child despite the area it belongs.

Postal Address: Idara Al Khair Campus 1, Karachi

Email: idaraalkhair@hotmail.com

Phone: 0300 2112609 , 00923002992469