For the past 38 years, this program has been a cornerstone of our commitment to both education and community welfare. Recognizing that access to food is vital for learning, we provide meals to ensure that no member of our educational community goes hungry.

1. We provide *daily lunches* to orphans, teachers, and deserving students across our campuses. 22,000 meals are served monthly at Campus 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8.

2. We offer *monthly ration bags* to 70 teachers and lower staff, with expanded distribution during Ramadan. Last year, we distributed 6000 bags to support teachers, staff, and families of deserving students.

3. Each Ramadan, we conduct *iftar drives* at all campuses for students and their families. This year, we organized 20 iftars to foster community spirit and support during the holy month.

4. To streamline operations and reach a wider population, we are constructing a *Central Food Kitchen (CFK)*. This facility will centralize food preparation for all our campuses, ensuring efficient and consistent meal provision.