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Wondering what education makes of us? It creates humanity between us. There is no better moment to realize education’s role in helping households escape poverty than today. To unlock the wider benefits of education so that it can play its full part in helping the world achieve poverty eradication, all children need the chance to complete not only primary school but also lower secondary school. At Al-khair we strive in providing free education to the slums of Pakistan, when crime rates and poverty rates are high. Access to schooling is not enough on its own, in addition to that, the lack of civic facilities like water, electricity, gas and sewerage system etc has made this place a most miserable and pitiable piece of land for the dwellers in this area. These are the factors which prevent other people/childrens to approach our existing school.

Al-Khair Projects and brief Statistics:

Institutions Locations Number of Students Year of Establishment
Al-Khair Primary and Secondary school for boys and girls.(New Karachi) Mustafa Colony Kachi Abadi, New Karachi 2400 (60% Girls) 1987
Al-Khair Tech. school for Girls (Stitching and Dress making) (New Karachi) Mustafa Colony Kachi Abadi, New Karachi 180 2007
3. Al-Khair Primary and Secondary school for boys and girls. (Kachra Kundi) Kachra Kundi (Jam Chakro Village) near Hub Dist. 250 (40% Girls) 2002
Al-Khair Primary School (Earth quake affected Area) a. (Balakot) Khet Sarash Village Manshera Dist. Khaiber Phaktoon Khaw 22 2005
Al-Khair Intermediate College, North Karachi B-5 Sector 5-M N.Karachi 90 2008
Technical Centre for Girls 180 2001
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