Medical Center

Medical Center

Al-Khair has launched an initiative to establish a full-fledged medical department to handle regular and emergency medical cases of our students and their parents.

Besides providing education, Al-Khair is actively engaged in social and financial programs for the poor and deprived people of our country. One such initiative is our medical support program that aims to establish a well-grounded medical department fully self-sufficient in order to be able to efficiently meet all regular and emergency cases of students and their parents which we frequently come across in our organization. During our long span of experience, we have witnessed __ boys and __ girls who died young only due to the fact that they were not correctly diagnosed and properly treated. We solemnly consider the health of our students and their parents as one of our top priorities, 

and rush for the treatment of our ailing students and their parents, even to proper, high-tech hospitals where necessary..It is worthwhile to mention that all these programs being conducted by Idara Al-Khair are organized through the support of donors and philanthropists. It is through this collaboration only that we intend to inaugurate our medical department, so that all sorts of medical cases and emergencies can be dealt with inside our organization instead of rushing patients to hospitals, hence saving crucial time. Al-Khair and all the beneficiaries appreciate and pray for the kind people who continuously help ease the difficulties of the poverty-stricken and helpless community, and donate unconditionally, out of pure goodness of their hearts.

By the grace of Almighty Allah and the help of philanthropists, we have been able to save lives of a few of our students; details of some of them are as under:

In view of the above, we request you to help us in establishing a proper medical department with a well-equipped dispensary with staff and pharmacy in Al-Khair. We also feel that the procurement of a suitable ambulance for our ailing students and their parents is extremely necessary, for which, again, we request for your generosity and support.



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