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If you think and believe about the true purpose of life, it is nothing but to say: “What are you doing for others?” Idara Al-khair is a social welfare organization (NPO) working in the field of education since 1987. Initially, it was started in one jhuggi (makeshift)with just few children and have achieved remarkable success during the period. At present we have 6 schools and one college having 3500 students. This has only been possible due to the selfless service of Idara Al-khair’s dedicated team as well as the valuable contribution of several individuals and organizations.


The campaign has been launched by Idara Al-Khair in the beginning of 2016.
Our entire experience has revealed that poor children living in backward, downtrodden, slums and kachi abadis are highly talented and intelligent provided they are properly guided and educated. In our schools and college there are a lot of shinning boys and girls who have a dream to become doctors, engineers, teachers etc but they have no financial resources. We have devised the above campaign where we appeal to the philanthropist to please sponsor atleast one such student so that he could continue his education and make his dream come true. For this purpose we have introduced an agreement in shape of a “Sponsorship Form” to officialize the matter. The per month sponsorship fee of the sponsorship form is Rupees 1000 only.
We hope that you will be kind enough to respond immediately after going through the contents of our campaign “HELP A DREAM”,
Will you help fulfill these dreams?

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