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Establishing an educational institution in a place like Kachra Kundi area was a great challenge entailing most difficult problems and hardships. As you know that the injurious atmosphere which prevails in main Kachra Kundi Area, the smoke, flies, garbage, liter and bad smell is all over in the area. In addition to that, the lack of civic facilities like water, electricity, gas and sewerage system etc has made this place a most miserable and pitiable piece of land for the dwellers in this area. These are the factors which prevent other people/children to approach our existing school.

Yet by the grace of Almighty Allah we have been able to start an educational project in the year 2002 in this area. The secondary school in Kachra Kundi area (Jam Chakro Village) very successfully is being run for the last 12 years by Al-Khair management. During the period of our performance here lot of experiences were gained and vision was broadened. We felt that besides Kachra Kundi (dumping area) viewing that lot of small villages are situated around Kachra Kundi but the children of these villages are deprived of proper education. Few children from adjacent villages which are 4 to 5 kilometers away from our Kachra Kundi school (Campus II) regularly come by foot and getting education. Most of the other children and also their parents living in the adjacent villages do not like to join the said school and avoid due to obvious difficulties and the dirty atmosphere in the area. So, in this context we have surveyed the entire area around Kachra Kundi (Garbage dumping area). We detected that there were many villages around Kachra Kundi area. Although there were some Govt. Schools (commonly known as ghost schools) in the villages but not serving the purpose. It was given to understand that the teachers appointed by the department are mostly inefficient, even they do not bother to come and perform their duties regularly. In some schools only one or two teachers have been appointed against a large number of students i.e. more than 100 or 200.

The names of villages surveyed by us were 1, Yousuf Goth, 2, Khamiso Goth, 3, Khuda Ki Basti, 4, Shahbaz Colony, 5, Shahnawaz colony, 6, Ayub Goth and others. It may be mentioned that lot of students from some of the aforesaid villages come from far distance and are getting education in our Kachra Kundi school. We interviewed lot of parents of the children in the aforesaid villages and asked about their willingness and feelings for establishing a big school for their children outside the Kachra Kundi area. They were extremely glad and desperately wanted establishment of such a school proposed by us.

Despite of the situation stated above we are also facing some big problems in running Kachra Kundi school which are described briefly as under.

1. In the existing environment of Kachra Kundi School, good and qualified teachers for higher classes do not agree to join us.

2. No other doctor is ready to serve us due to aforesaid environment. So, in the new proposed School Campus III we can employ other doctors without any difficulty.

3. Many children of adjacent villages avoid coming to Kachra Kundi School despite of their liking of quality of education. so, all those children willing to get education from Al-Khair School will be encouraged and benefited.

By the blessing of Almighty Allah and kind help of our supporters this is to inform that all the theoretical work has been completed and now we have practically entered in building of the proposed school Campus III. Keeping in view the above facts and circumstances, we have purchased a piece of land measuring about 3 acres for our Campus III in Ghulam Hussain Village which is located at central place between Kachra Kundi and other villages as stated above. Currently, 650 students are getting free education in Campus III. The students of secondary classes of our existing Kachra Kundi School are also shifted in Campus III so as to utilize the good services of our newly inducted qualified teachers. We plan to allocate the existing Kachra Kundi school up to the level of primary education only. We also intend to establish a medical care centre in the premises of Campus III . There is a big task ahead of us for which kind help and support is needed at every stage of its development. We look to some kind philanthropist individuals or organizations who come forward for implementation of our plans and project.

If these children are given proper education and guidance they can bring big changes in their own lives and the society around them. During teaching in Kachra Kundi we realized they are highly potential and strength full. I had a feeling that if their energies are utilized in education definitely they will make a glorious achievement. We will continue to support these children and provide them all possible facilities for education and also for their family maintenance. These students can be the source to bring revolution in their society. We hope that the time is not much far when their dreams will come true and conceive that every one student of Al-Khair will be equipped with the virtue of character, confidence, knowledge and intelligence. Verily these deprived students will prove to be a force in bringing a silent revolution that will change the fate of their families and the nation as a whole.

With the help of some kind philanthropist (individuals & organizations) we have been able to commence the work of construction of the above proposed Campus III. So far the structure of 22 classrooms has been completed while the remaining work is in progress.

Thaakat Foundation met Al Khair in 2012 and made the decision to finance this campus in full after seeing the dedication Al Khair had on the ground in these communities. Over the last 4 years, they have helped us to expand our work. Today, all operating costs are covered by Thaakat Foundation.Thank you also to primary funders: One Ummah Foundation, AirLift International and NJS Logistics.

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