Water Projects | Idara Al-Khair Pakistan

  1. Water purification plant in Campus 3We established campus 3 in the year 2011 in Ghulam Hussain Goth, after a survey of the villages and poor community living in those areas. We found that there were more than 1000 children in the villages who were desirous of getting schooling but had neither school nor means. Immediately by opening a school there an influx of young boys and girls was witnessed and the enrollment reached to more than 300 in the first year. The students and their parents were very happy and were deeply involved in our educational and social welfare activities. At this point of time we realized that the main item for human health was clean drinking water which was not available anywhere in the vicinity. We appealed the kind donors to help these people in providing drinking water. Among kind supporters, one Mr. Afia of USA came forward and fully donated for installation of RO plant (water purification plant) in the year 2016. Plant is working well and benefiting not only 700 students of our school but also their parents living in the vicinity. It is a big project of clean drinking water and has been proved very beneficial and healthy source for the community.
  2. Water well in Dadu district.
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