Orphan Sponsorship | Idara Al-Khair Pakistan

Idara Al-Khair has taken the responsibility to cater for the orphans currently enrolled in in one of it’s campus’. The orphan program is an alternative to orphan homes opened throughout the city. Team Idara Al Khair feels that a lot of childhood is lost in orphan homes. Orphans are not properly introduced to society which hinders their proper upbringing. Orphan children need an environment of love and proper care. They are to be exposed to family relations and common society chores. They should be taught how to behave in an organised society as well as how to carry day to day transactions. Keeping these requirements in mind , Team Idara Al Khair has designed the basis of it’s orphan care program. This program requires the students to reside with a female guardian ( paternal or foster mother ). The children are schooled from 0730 to 1700 after which they are sent to their guardian to enjoy the rest of the day under proper supervision. The team has also planned to arrange jobs for the female guardians which may include stitching and sewing. The jobs will be provided in the premises of the school. They will also be taught how to manage their house in accordance to what they earn.
The proposed project is financed through the Zakat and Donations which is the primary source of income for such projects. Further details can be found attached in Annexure-C. It is to be noted that Idara-Al-Khair does not ask government agencies to fund such projects. The list of our respected Donors can be found attached in Annexure-D. With the increasing population of Karachi , Idara-Al-Khair continues to expand such projects to cater to the needs of the people. These expansions come at the cost of increased expenses. Team Idara-al-khair leaves no stone unturned to meet the deficit but is currently falling short. This is the reason Idara-Al-Khair is in urgent need of funds to make sure the expansion in projects is as smooth as possible.

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