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Besides education Al-Khair is actively engaged in social and financial programs for the poor and deprived people of our country. The programs are named as food support, medical support, poor farmer support, drinking water support, orphan care program, higher education sponsorship programs etc. It is worthwhile to mention that all our programs are being managed by us through support of donors and philanthropist. Not only we but all the beneficiaries appreciate and pray for the kind people who take care of the difficulties of extremely poor and helpless community. Through this communique, we hereby inform you that we intend to establish a solid medical department in our organization being fully self sufficient to meet all regular and emergency cases of our students and their parents which we frequently come across. During the period of experience, we happen to see that __ young boys and __ girls died at very early age only because they were not properly diagnosed and treated. We have taken this matter very seriously and rush for the treatment of our ailing students and also their parents and take them to big hospitals where necessary.

Al-Khair Medical Support Projects and brief Statistics:

Al–Khair Clinic (Kachra Kundi) | Kachra Kundi, near Hub Dist. | One Doctor | 2005
Al-Khair Clinic (New Karachi) | Mustafa Colony, New Karachi | One Doctor | 2002

By the grace of Almighty Allah and help of philanthropist we have been able to save lives of students details of some of them are as under:

S.No Name Age Disease Hospital Expenses

In view of the above it is requested your honor to help us to establish proper medical department of Al-Khair, well equipped dispensary with staff and medicine etc. We feel that procuring a suitable ambulance for our ailing students and their parents is extremely necessary.

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