Education Through Garbage | Idara Al-Khair Pakistan

Don’t spread garbage —- Give us
We will spread education —- 

Idara Al-Khair Welfare Society is a social welfare organization (NGO) working in the field of education for the poor, deprived and destitute children living in slum areas of Pakistan. It was established in 1987 in a small jhuggi (makeshift) just with few students and have achieved remarkable success during the period. At present we have 6 schools, one college and one technical training centre having 3500 students. Since expansion of educational projects and increase of admission in our schools our outlay is increasing side by side. On the other hand, the quantum of donations from different quarters is diminishing every year which cause difficulties in meeting our running expenses and development of our projects. So, the management of Al-Khair being quite worried have adopted different strategies/means to earn some profit and meet the short fall in running expenditure. In the past we had introduced different strategies and campaigns to fetch some profits for the organization. Likewise, the latest campaign of “Garbage Collection” (of recyclable items) from house to house. The modus operandi, is that we have formed a group of workers/team for this purpose. We have allocated one of our Suzuki Pickup van duly decorated with our panaflexes and billboard and equipped with a good sound system. The team after school hours go to different apartments regularly where the President and other representatives give speeches before people, explaining the importance of their throw away items for the benefit of poor student’s education. Since beginning the response from the people was overwhelming which gave us encouragement and enthusiasm. Some of the people immediately give us their throwaway items and some call us later on phone for collection of their gathered items. Also some people who change or discard their household goods like furniture and electronic item, clothes etc. also give us on donation.
The staff engaged for this specific activity is working purely on honorary basis and no extra money is paid to them for this job. Actually, we got this idea from one of our school situated in Kachra Kundi (Campus II).

Idara Al-Khair started this campaign 2015. Garbage comprise of recyclable items like:

  • Old books and copies
  • Newspapers
  • Plastic items
  • clothes
  • iron or steel items
  • bags
  • electrical goods
  • crockery etc.

We store all the “Collections” in campus (I) of our schools in Mustafa Colony, New Karachi. One room has been allotted one room for this purpose. Slowly and gradually our campaign is getting successful and yielding some income on daily basis. We have contacted the vendors of different items who regularly visit our store/inventory and purchase items. We have also established one “Sasta Bazaar” (cheap store) in school premises which enables the poor students, teachers and other nearby residents to make purchase at very low cost from this outlet. Alhamdulillah, we have now been able to sell our used material to prospectivebuyers regularly. At present the average sales per day comes to Rs.5000 which we hope to rise with passage of time.

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